Rental Items

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  1. Statement Pieces
    We offer a variety of unique statement pieces! From Bikes to Ironing Boards!
    Statement Pieces
  2. Mason, Ball & Crown!
    Some jars are equipped as lanterns, some are finished with paint and some with burlap.
    Mason, Ball & Crown!
  3. Furniture
    We adore the outdoor furniture photo opportunities provided by our vintage sofas and chairs!
  4. Vases & Vessels
    Our Obsession. Vases! There are so many vases!
    Vases & Vessels
  5. Dessert Displays
    Many different styles!
    Dessert Displays
  6. Luggage
    Just a few to get us started!
  7. Backdrops
    These are our just one of our hobbies!
  8. Tables & Chairs
    Buffets, Vanities, Coffee Tables & a collection of of folding Wooden Chairs! Plus a full assortment of White Wicker furniture!
    Tables & Chairs
  9. Vintage Flair
    Add some Vintage Flair to your special day!
    Vintage Flair
  10. Rustic Charm
    Add some Rustic Charm to your special day!
    Rustic Charm