Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a storefront that I can come visit and view your inventory?
No, unfortunatley our items are in storage safe and sound.  The Attic Door does not have a store front but intends to have a full photo inventory viewable on this site by the end of the 2016.  We realize this causes some issues for 2016 brides and grooms.  We apoligize for this inconvenience.  We would like to invite those of you who can not wait to email us in order to set up a mutual time to chat and to visit with us.  Once we have established your items of interest then we will plan to have those items available for you to view when we visit.
Do you deliver?
Yes we do deliver!  The delivery/pickup fee is calculated based on the distance between The Attic Door and your event venue ( drop off location. )  The fee is $2.00/km and this includes the pickup.
For example:  Your venue is 30km from us @ 404 King Street East, N0R 1G0, Harrow ON then the fee to have us dleiver the rental order prior to your event and to pick up your order following your event would be would be $60.00.
How do I save my date?
The Attic Door has two deposit agreements available to suit your needs.
1) For rental orders under $100.00 or less we require a $50.00 deposit to save the specified items for your event date.
2) For orders over $100 we require a $200.00 deposit to save the NOT ONLY the specified items of interest for your event date BUT ALSO to secure the full inventory up until 30 days prior to that date, at which time The Attic Door may rent out unsecured items to other customers.
For example: Your event date is December 25th and you have placed a $200.0 deposit with us. We will hold our entire inventory and ask that you place your final rental order with us before Nov 25th.  After Nov 25th we will rent out items that are not secured in your order to other brides/grooms.  
Please Note:  Deposits are fully refundable depending return an condition of rental items.  The refund will be issued withing 30 days following your event date.
More info coming soon....