The Attic Door Doors & Windows

Half Length Rustic Stable Doors
$25.00 each

Oddly Shaped Doors $35.00 each

To the left is the front and back view of our Full Length Skinny Barn Door 


To the right is our 3/4 Length Plank Pine Door

Oh the possibilities are endless!
This 15 Glass Pane Antique Window is a favourite!
Some example uses ...
~seating arrangement
~dining menu
~cocktail, beer & wine menu
~photo collage

Full Length Doors
 $50.00 each
These Doors are interchangeable with the Classic White Rustic Doors shown in photo of 
The Door Arbour.
You can pick any two doors for the Arbour and then combine with our slotted barn board, door shoes and 'Happily Ever After Starts Here' Sign to create your most preferred version of The Arbour

Old Rustic Screen Doors $45.00 each