About Us

Hello!  First off thank you for visiting our site!
I would like to introduce to you the founders of The Attic Door Vintage & Rustic Rentals, myself, Linda Tavares and my daughter-in-law Victoria Robinet.
It was the summer of 2014 when Victoria and I (along with many other helping hands) put on a fabulous outdoor wedding reception at my family homestead to celebrate the marriage of herself and my son Andrew.  We are both hands on DIY women with a Pinterest addiction and we really got ourselves into it! 
After the reception had passed we saw what we had done!  We had created an army of Mason jar lanterns, a stack of framed signs, a wildly cool vase collection and we shared an abundance of DIY Pinterest successes!  We found soon after, that many of our friends had a need for the things they saw at Victoria's reception and so we decided to share. By the end of the year our endeavor had a name.  
The Attic Door is here to help make your wedding or special event personal, unique and unforgettable.
Hi there!  
Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  If you would like to see more please use the icons below to visit our facebook and our instagram.  

Linda and I are happy to answer any questions regarding dates, items seen or not seen on the site, agreement forms, or whatever your concern may be.  We are here for you!
If there is something totally out there that you have your heart set on for your event let us know and we will treasure hunt for you!

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